Areas of competency

Partners in marriage

  • separation
  • divorce
  • assets: prenuptial agreements, matrimonial regimes, divisision of assets

Registered and non-registered partners

  • actions for compensation
  • division of assets


  • filiation
  • adoption
  • parental authority
  • custody: residence, visiting rights
  • child support
  • protection of minors, educational assistance and guardianship

Modification of documents in state registries

  • Change of surname or given name
  • Correction of information on official papers (birth certificate, marriage certificate

Protected adults

  • judicial protection
  • guardianship
  • wardship


  • validity of wills
  • distribution of estate assets by agreement or court authority

International family conflict

  • Cross-border divorce and separation: foreign spouse(s), French spouses living abroad
  • cross-border abduction of children
  • international adoption
  • enforcement, recognition of a foreign judgment

Criminal law concerning the family

  • domestic violence
  • failure to pay alimony or child support
  • failure to respect parental visiting rights
  • child abduction


The overall duration of proceedings in Family law as yet to stop increasing, exposing families to longer periods of conflict and uncertainty.

Appreciating the crisis of the judicial system, lawyers, public notaries and academics associated to create the Family Affairs Arbitration Center in order to divert the answer to family matters outside of the judicial system.

This structure provides a fast access at a controlled cost to an arbitral award enforceable as res judicata as soon as it is rendered like a court decision.

Alongside and in addition to alternative dispute resolution processes, this procedure aims to help families find their balance as early as possible, thus allowing them to thrive again.