Areas of competency

Partners in marriage

  • separation
  • divorce
  • assets: prenuptial agreements, matrimonial regimes, divisision of assets

Registered and non-registered partners

  • actions for compensation
  • division of assets


  • filiation
  • adoption
  • parental authority
  • custody: residence, visiting rights
  • child support
  • protection of minors, educational assistance and guardianship

Modification of documents in state registries

  • Change of surname or given name
  • Correction of information on official papers (birth certificate, marriage certificate

Protected adults

  • judicial protection
  • guardianship
  • wardship


  • validity of wills
  • distribution of estate assets by agreement or court authority

International family conflict

  • Cross-border divorce and separation: foreign spouse(s), French spouses living abroad
  • cross-border abduction of children
  • international adoption
  • enforcement, recognition of a foreign judgment

Criminal law concerning the family

  • domestic violence
  • failure to pay alimony or child support
  • failure to respect parental visiting rights
  • child abduction