Law Firm, Dominique Piwnica

Skilled in all areas of family law, we work on a broad range of issues relating to family matters, in France and internationally, for married and unmarried couples.

Rigor and competence

For over 10 years, Dominique Piwnica has specialized in family law—a complex, changing and highly technical field that requires special skills.

Seeking the most effective response to a range of legal concerns of family law, we handle matters of separation and divorce, filiation issues, parental authority, child custody, division of assets, inheritance and protection of legally incapacitated adults.

Devotion and availability

With the human dimension as the primary focus, our family practice goes beyond technical issues. Those suffering personal upheaval need support to resolve their problems. Our willingness to spend time, adopt a personal approach and be attentive to clients ‘needs, is essential.

Litigation or consensus: we search for the most appropriate solution

Court proceeding may be inevitable. This however does not preclude the search for alternative solutions while negotiating, or after legal proceedings have begun.

Commitment to a team approach

The size of our law firm is a matter of choice. Our emphasis is on cohesion, harmony and dynamic teamwork. Two lawyers are assigned to each case, ensuring seamless, detailed attention.

Added value of interdisciplinary skills

As a law firm we collaborate with a network of professionals, including a professor of civil law, notaries, chartered accountants, and psychiatric and psychological experts, drawing on their specialist skills whenever required.